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More Than Sit
Your Complete Dog Training Plan

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Who is the obedience training foundation for?

The Obedience Training Foundation is for owners who want…

  • Time: Who need small easy sessions that you can fit in any schedule.

  • Nutrition: Learn the right treats and food for proper nutrition.

  • Tired Dog: When you train right you will have a calmer dog throughout the day.

  • Dog/Owner: Perfect for the first time dog owner.


If You Know Me…

  • You know I am always looking for easy ways to maintain an obedient dog, that allows me to balance my jobs, my own dogs, my horses and my family of 5.

  • If you follow me on social media, you will know that over the years I have been a fan of having a balanced connected dog no matter where they go with me.

  • For over 25 years I have had so many people reach out to me asking how they can have a balanced dog and how to fit a dog into their lifestyle.

  • Before we get into any details I would like to go into what exactly balanced connected dog training is. because of all the information out there, it can be a little difficult to separate fact from fiction.


What is balanced connected training? How does it work?

The 4 Pillars of Dog training

  • Connection: Through training you will have a dog that is always connected to you through all of their senses. Wanting more from you and waiting for what is next. If you train with the intent of connection you will never feel like you are actually “training” your dog. You will be a team that moves through life like a choreographed dance!

  • Communication: When you learn to communicate with your dog through non-verbal gesturers and then learn to have more of a conversation with your dog instead of dictating you will in turn have a dog that can figure out what you want or don’t want before you have a change to say or do anything. 

  • Consistency: When you can teach with reputation and consistency with all that you do your dog will have a better understanding of what you are trying to communicate to them. When we are inconsistent in all of our behaviors good and bad they dog will be left to figure out what you are wanting and most of the time their communications will be as if you are another dog not a human to dog. Human animal bond comes with consistency and being clear so your dog can communicate clearly back with you.

  • Conceivability: We get so caught up in what our dog is right now not what we want our dog to be or dog that we will always find fault and get stuck in the here an now trying to solve problems. Start by writing down what you want your dog to be, how you want them to act in your home, how you want them to act with company, how you want them to be social, once you write this down with no excuses of breed, personality or size you will then understand your training plan and what you will train to and you will then and only then start to train with purpose.

What are the benefits in addition to an obedient dog?

  • Prevent accidents or dangerous situations.

  • Scientifically proven to release endorphins.

  • Helps you go out and expand your horizons and adventures.

  • What your dog deserves.

  • A true friendship in your dog.

  • Family and friends will come over and enjoy your dog.

  • It’s fun.

  • Enjoy outdoor activities with your dog without being a problem in society.

  • Calm peaceful home life.

  • Your dog will use energy during training so they can more easily relax.

  • Helps you better understand your dog.

  • Gives you confident enough to do more things with your dog.


You can see there are so many proven benefits of training your dog the connected balanced way.....

After so many dog owners showed me something unbelievable....


People are extremely confused about dog training...

  • Most people were confusing  their dog.

  • Dog trainers and videos pop up everywhere.

  • There are So many misinformed articles and trainers teaching human philosophies and not teaching through the dog’s mind.  


I Was tired of it…

  • I was tired of seeing so much confusing and even dangerous techniques.

  • These techniques that would at best put a band-aid over the dog not teaching the dog and the owner, what and how to train their dogs

  • I knew it was time to show people the right way.

  • It was time to simplify things for everyone and their dogs.

  • It was time to create just one effective easy-to-follow program that would make  every step into the balanced connected dog as simple as possible.

Guess What?

It is taking off like a greyhound with dog toys all over the house!

Since launching the program there have been thousands of dogs and puppy owners who have made the life-changing decision to follow this program.

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What’s in the complete dog training plan?

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  • Daily Training Plans

  • Everything a trained dog should know.

  • But There’s more…

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  • Hundreds of How- To Videos

  • Nutriton Guide

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  • Bonus #1 - Dog Training Journal

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I Know What you Must Be Thinking.

  • How can I find the time?

  • What Does my dog need to know?

  • How Will i know what to do?

  • How can I get the help and support I need?

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  • All our videos are designed as small daily sessions that can easily fit in to any schedule.

  • Our videos guide you step-by-step on what and how to teach your dog in a way that will make sense to you both.

  • As part of our private community you will have help from me, all our expert trainers, and other people just like you who made the commitment to transform their life and the life of their dog!


By Watching These Videos…

You will discover a method that will help your dog learn how to communicate with you as an owner and a human being.

It’s a method of training that teaches connection, communication, consistency and conceivability.

It is our four pillars of dog training.


Are you ready to become connected to your dog in a balanced relationship? That training becomes so natural that you don’t know you are even training?


How to use the Training Videos

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  • Download the training journal, take notes of each of the steps to teach your dog using the four pillars.

  • Watch the training sessions and watch the daily training videos and assign yourself one to two goals to accomplish each day with your dog.

  • Then...Find a place to train your dog. start in a quiet location and gradually move around the house to outside to the park and public places. Using the four pillars of dog training.

  • You will be shocked with your dog is asking for more!

Client Testimonials

“I like Joe's approach emphasizing a good relationship and bond are essential to your dog's training. She approaches each dog's training differently according to individual needs. I don't know what I would have done without Joe!” - Jeanne

“I was nervous to admit I needed help but once I started Joe's course I felt confident I was going to be able to do this! I have been taught that all of my dogs are different and have different needs. By being aware of this I can train each of them differently. I cannot express how grateful I am for the information provided to me by Joe. I wish I would have known about this sooner!” -Jill

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